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Berlin's fastest consumer experience

Ich bin ein Berliner

Following on the heels of our successful Zoom Trials in NikeTown London, for the launch of Nike's Structure shoe we brought the treadmill trial experience to Nike Store Berlin.

Driven by iPad

Using a network enabled iPad app controller system. Consumers were registered for their trial and taken through a short induction warm up to get their heads in the game.

So fast our eyes were watering

OMM created a consumer trial experience with inbuilt speed tracking system; centring around around 3 encompassing LED screens and a self propelled treadmill that can track speed data.

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Berlin's fastest

Participants then got the chance to run their hearts out to earn a place on the leaderboard to become Berlin's fastest.

London calling

As well as in Berlin we also had the experience running in London's NikeTown concurrently.

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