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An all-star microsite for an all-star lineup of performance footwear

A wunderbar website

With over 130 stores, Runners Point is one of Europe’s biggest running specialist retailers. To launch the Nike Shield Pack in style we created a microsite that showcased the 5-shoe range, featuring
in-depth photography and associated apparel for each.


Jog on!

The website was designed for mobile first meaning you could shop on the go – or even on the run!


Dressed to impress

Throwing open the doors to our photography studio, we shot the beautiful imagery that appears on the website. Working our magic, retouching over 50 photos to the high standard Nike demands.

Check out more of our photography:



To build hype for the launch we created several exclusive Instagram posts for Runners Point, featuring motion graphics and original photography.

Window shopper

If you prefer to shop in person you’ll have seen our in-store videos promoting the Shield Pack range at Runners Point stores all across Germany.

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