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Creating a Twitter Globe and 24-screen video wall for NikeTown London

Twitter Globe

Air Max Day is a global event and we wanted to emphasise that with our latest NikeTown social wall. We built a 3D Twitter Globe that grabbed tweets using #AIRMAXDAY and with a little geolocation magic they popped up over London, New York, Tokyo and Paris.

London Social

As well as in NikeTown, the Twitter Globe could be seen all around London at Selfridges on Oxford Street, Foot Patrol in Soho, Size on Carnaby St and Sneakersnstuff (SNS) in Shoreditch.

Back to the Future

Air Max Day saw the launch of the Air Max Zero – an 80's prototype of the Air Max One that never saw the light of day... until now. In collaboration with Millington Associates, we built a 24-screen video wall reflecting this origin with a series of TV's ranging from 1980's CRT models right through to present day High Definition screens.

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One box to rule them all

All 24 TV's were hooked into one small but poweful media server box. This gave us flexibilty to put a different video on each of the 24 screens or play a single video over all TV's at once.

Using clever software we mapped the video across all screens so they looked right no matter their different angles or distance from each other.

Air Max Zero wall

We helped build the Air Max Zero buzz with our pre-order video featured as part of an Air Max Zero wall display. After it's launch on Air Max Day we switched to a more ambient video featuring an animated Air Max Zero signature.

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